Monday, February 29, 2016

Can I Tell You....

Good Evening Family. Can I tell you that I had the best Interview today on the The Cheap Cheetah Money Show.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Kemi Egan she  is a physical therapist turned  Real Estate investor turned entrepreneur and author. She wrote 2 best sellers The Power Of Investing and Turbo Charge Your Success.
She talked about what it's like to invest in the U.K and U.S and the different real estate rules that you must go by. She also spoke on what the main tools one needs to have in order to be a successful real estate developer and the people that you need around you. 
 I can not tell you how informative and enjoyable you will find this interview as much as I did.  The show is archived and on iTunes under the Cheap Cheetah Money Show. Enjoy!!!
                                                 Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Week!  

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