Friday, January 9, 2015

Things We Can Live Without

Monday on The Cheap Cheetah Money Show( I am talking to you about the things that cheap/frugal people can do without that regular people can not. Things like New cars we can do without. We as cheapskates can drive an old 1970's car until it's on it's last leg and then we will still try and drive it some more. New furniture for our homes. we don't need new furniture we just need furniture period . So if we get it from the thrift stores, dumpsters, trash day  to us as long as it's good , steady and practical and bug free we can use it. We don't need to  pay retail when we can get our furniture. We look to get it  damn near cheap or better yet  free. We don't need the latest fashion what we wear is the latest fashion, beside who wants to pay $50 bucks for some pants where we can get the same pair of pants for $5 at  our thrift stores, goodwill stores or better yet at garage sales. We feel as cheap/frugal people let someone else pay the high prices  for stuff , we will wait until we get it dirt cheap or free to get it.

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