Friday, September 22, 2017

Volunteering For Stuff

Hello Family, Here's my confession but let's keep it between us ok. I volunteered Wednesday for We Day. Which is an organization that promotes doing great things for your community and others. This is an event geared toward children which is great. The event  took place in  New York . They had  speakers  like Whoopi Goldberg, Chelsea Clinton,  Olympic Gold Medalist,  The Prime Minster of Canada, you get the idea they had people.  I volunteered because it was a good cause and..... I was getting free food breakfast, lunch and dinner plus I was seeing a show for free.  I thought I would be getting a gift bag to take home after the event . All for free..

What I got was a breakfast that consisted of  a apple, granola bar, coffee or juice and that's it. Lunch was Vegan or a boxed lunch of something wrapped in avocados. I hate avocados. Dinner if you want to call it that was pizza hut. I got a  tee shirt for free. Which by the way we had to wear for this event. No gift bags were given to the volunteers. I did see a free show which was ok.  Which really the show was about people encouraging our children to make a difference.

When you volunteer do it from your heart and that's what I tried to do. But for me this one was all about what I can get for free. But you know the jokes  on me because I spent $40 bucks traveling back and forth to the event and came out with much less that I expected. Hey I didn't even get a feeling of personal satisfaction that ones gets from volunteering with this event. At least if I would have gotten that feeling I would have been a satisfied. 

                                                   Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day

Wasting Money!

                                               Good Morning Family How Are You Today?

Have you ever got mad at yourself for unnecessary spending. For example I got a speeding ticket a couple years ago. It was my fault thought I was driving in the Indy500. Ticket was $150. Another example I forgot to pay a bill and the next time the bill came in  I was charge a late fee. Last one I spend extra money on my cell phone service not knowing that if I asked for the AARP discount it would have cost me much less. These are some of my examples of unnecessary spending what are yours??

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Don't Forget Your Coins

                                 Hey My Cheap Cheetah Family How Are You Today?

Just a little reminder don't forget to save your coins and to roll them when you have a bucket full. I just finished rolling mine and I saved $40 bucks in coins. I now have some $$ to spend for the holidays, put toward my upcoming vacation or go out to a nice meal. What I really plan to do with this money is put it toward my Kellogg stock that I am investing in.  You remember I am using coins to invest in stock. Money that you don't really see could go toward something great in your future. Just a thought. Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day and Save That Money!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I Hate When People Lie

                                    Hello My Cheap Cheetah Family How Are You Tonight?

I hate when people lie.Here's the story I am going away in a couple of weeks and one of my stops is Vegas. I love Vegas. I got this flier in the mail that said this.
 I happen to like Tuscany Casino I play there when I get a chance. It's a small and cute hotel. Plus they have my 25 cent machine that I like to play.Well anyway I got this great deal. So I booked my room for Saturday which was $225. Yep I said $225 and Sunday thru Thursday I was paying $35 a night. Nice right. Wrong!!! I happen to be reading something and on a message board it said that this hotel charges you a resort fee of $25 a night, but they don't tell you that until you get there. Now to me that's sneaky. So my 30 a night room is really $55. No thanks. I got a better room at Ballys  Las Vegas for just their resort fee of $35 a night. ( got 4 complimentary night paying. I have to pay  $200 for Sat/Sunday night). I hate when people are sneaky about the price they charge for stuff. Beside this hotel got mixed reviews. So I will stay at Ballys and see what they are doing.
My first choice was Caesars Las Vegas but they are charging $650 for Sunday, $620 Monday and so.
But I will be using this
Hey I love to get free slot play, almost free tickets and food credit. I might not be staying at Tucany but I will be using the heck out of their offers. Hey I am a cheap cheetah what do you expect!.
                                           Have a great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that $$$

Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Podcast

                                    Hello My Cheap Cheetah Family, How Are you today?

I miss my podcast show. I was thinking about doing some new shows, but I feel the price on blogtalk is kinda expensive, They are asking $12.99 a month. I am not sure if it's worth it. I mean I love doing my shows but financially it can get pricey. I liked when they offered it for free. You know I am a cheapskate) I am looking into other options . If you have any suggestions please let me know.  Now on to

Money Challenges. September 1th is right here and I am looking for a good money challenge. Are you doing any money challenges and if so what are they I might want to join you.

                                                     Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day!