Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Rip- Offs

                                   Hello My Cheap Cheetah Family. How Are You Today?

                                        Here are things I think are just plain ripoffs 
Movie Theatre Popcorn ( I buy the small or kids size )
Movie Theatre Soda ( I refuse to buy those expensive sodas )
Movie Theatre Candy ( I won't buy that either )...
Haircuts. I really hate paying $30
I resent paying $8 for one beer at a club when I can buy an entire six-pack at the market for $9
when I pay my cable bill
Home landscapers who charge you $20 bucks a week when you only need your lawns done twice a month.
Any store that sell Halloween items over $5 .
Drug stores that charge you for medication that is way over priced.
Auto repair places that try and bill you extra for a mechanic just to be in the same room as your car.
It's a rip-off that my taxes fund schools when I've never had kids.
$40 for a lap dance is way too much... and you expect a tip with that.
Going to the hair dresser and she charges $10 extra to blow dry my hair instead of putting me under the dryer.
Plumbers who charge you just to come and look at the problem.
I am sure you can think of more these are just a few off the top of my head.
Fast Food places who charge you extra to supersize your drinks.
People who shovel your sidewalks when it snows and do a very small path and charge you a arm and leg for that small path.
Girls Scout cookies. Need I say more
I am sure you can think of much more these are just a few that I had on the top of my head.
Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that Money!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sudden Wealth

                                    Hello My Cheap Cheetah Family. How Are you today?

I am sure that you have heard by now about the 20 year old who won all that money in the lottery. I think he will come home with something like 215 million after taxes and such. To say I am not a bit jealous is a lie, but to also say that's not scary money for me would be a lie to. But my point is with sudden wealth like that and at that age and being frugal/cheapskate what would you do. Here are some of the things that I would do. To answer  your questions yes I was a cheapskate at 20.

1. First I would get all the professional people that are recommended a lawyer, accountant, etc, But this would take me about 2-3 weeks because I am looking for good professional but at a very low cost. I want good service for cheap.

2. I would put the money in a trust fund and that trust fund would give me an allowance once a month bases upon what my living expenses would be which would be very basic.

3 A set amount would go to family and friends and charities but after that the bank of me is closed. I would also advise the people who I am giving money to that this is a one shot deal.

4. I would make sure that all my physicals are done and that I am healthy. I need to be heathy because I have a lot of things I need to do with that kind of money.

5. Yes I am cheap but I would buy some fun stuff like a condo and a new car but they would be at the price I wanted to spend nothing to expensive.

6. Almost forgot I would set up a heath account and put some money into it just in case I need money for any heath issues.

What I am saying is that my lifestyle would not change to much. yes I would be moving because with that kinda money you would have to. But no matter how much money you have you can't put a price on your happiness. So what's what I would do with that kinda money what would you do?
                                   Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that Money!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Growing You Saving Account

                  Hello My Cheap Cheetah Family Happy Sunday & how Are You Today?

You want to grow your savings account?
First thing you have to do is self-reflect, unpacking a ton of mental  money issues, and shifting a lot of paradigms.
Question many of the things you spend money on; ask yourself why?
I am not rich by any means, but once I did all I have said above, I became a free women. from debt, free from financial pressures, and free from being a slave to advertisers (and hence a slave to my own impulses to buy, which were prompted by social conditioning).
Have A Great Cheap Cheetah  Day

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Not So Cheap!

                                                 Hello Family How Are You Today?

Today was a NOT cheap/frugal  day.The reason for that is  I spent about $40 bucks for 2 bags of ice melt for my sidewalk because of this snowstorm that New York is having. Then  when  I was ready to do my shoveling my Gardner rings my bell. He stated that he would shovel my walk way, driveway and remove the snow from all three of my cars. Mind you it's about 10 degrees outside with the high winds of about 50 miles an hour. Baby it's cold outside. We agreed that he would do the job for $75. This is where I was very UN-Cheap . I told him to do it for $50 but he refused.  For the money that I was spending on this snow removal job I got my Gardner to do extra snow removal stuff. Like salt my driveway walkway & steps, remove my frozen garbage cans from in front of my house and put them to the side of it.   I needed my money's worth out of him and his team, besides he had a big snow removal machine and 2 men working with him. He did the job in 20 minutes. Compared to me doing the same job in 3 hours and possibly getting sick because it's very cold outside..

So far it's only been a week into the new year and I have spent a lot of money. $300 for a repair job on my furnace, $40 for snow melt, $75 for snow removal. Hopefully this year will be a get money year not a spend money one. 
Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Week & Save that $$$

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy Jan 1th

Hello My Cheap Cheetah Family Today is the day for....... Money Challenges. I am not sure what yours are but you know mine. A dollar a day,  Use coupons more, Save more coins to invest. These are my Money Challenges for 2018. Oh yea in 2019 I am going to Hawaii for 15 days and I need spending money so that will be a challenge  within itself. So what are your money Challenges this year and most importantly how are you going to get to where you wanta be????
                                      Have a great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that $$$ 

Friday, December 29, 2017

Happy New Year

Hello My Family I wanted to be the first to wish You and Your Family A Safe & Happy New Year!
See you in 2018!! Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Holiday & Save that $$

Monday, December 25, 2017

More Holiday Humor

                               Wishing You and Your Family a Safe & Happy Holiday!
                                Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Week & Save That $$$