Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Millionaire (1955): "The Amy Moore Story"


Hey Family, How are you? I was watching The Millionaire a show  from  the 50's. It's about a man who's a billionaire and how he gives $1 million to strangers to see how they would act. It's almost like he uses people for his own personal pleasures. But anyway the show is good because it shows you  how people reacted  and what they do with their new found wealth.  The people who get the million dollars which is tax free  have to make some tough decisions. They have to choose being with the person they love or the money. They can not have both.
Now a day’s  I think  most people would choose the money over a relationship. Depending on what kind of relationship it was. Let's be real here if someone handed you a million dollars and told you to take the money over a person. You know good and darn well we would either dismiss that person in a heart beat or find a way to keep both. In the show the people choose their relationships over the money. Guess in 1955 where food was cheap, housing cheaper and salaries low. Guess the relationships were more important then the money. What do you think? 
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