Thursday, August 4, 2016

To Damn High!

                                               Hello Family How Are You Today?

                 Let's Play A Game of "ITS TOO DAMN HIGH"
  What necessary evil in life do you find the costs to be just "Too Damn High" in accordance to the services your actually using/getting

A) Housing (Rent, Mortgage, Maintenance Fees, Up-Keep)

B) Taxes (Uncle Sam, Local, State, Property, Payroll, Income)

C) Insurances (Car, Life, Medical, Homeowners/Renters)

D) Commuting (Gas, Transit, Tolls, Parking)

E) Education (Student Loans, Tuition Fees, Private Schooling)

F) Cable/Internet/Phone (Comcast, Dish, AT&T/DirecTV, Verizon, TWC, Cox)

G) Wireless/Cell Phone (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon)

H) Banking (Fees, Interest, Closing Costs)

Can you think of any other services that are " To Damn High"?
                                                          Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day! 

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