Saturday, November 16, 2019

A Cheapskate Thanksgiving

                                                            Hello Family..

With Thanksgiving  less then 2 weeks away. I started to think how a cheapskate like me would do Thanksgiving on the cheap of course.  First I looked in the freezer to see what I had so that I would not spend any extra money. I decided that I wanted a ham which I did not have in the freezer. So I shopped and found ham the cheapest price  was $19. Not happening to expensive for a cheapskate like me.  I lucked up and found a package of 4 turkey legs for $5 grabbed it.  My sides are simple a baked potato's which I purchase a 5lb bag for 99 cents. A can of cranberry sauce which I already have in the closet,  can of  biscuits for 1.35.  I remember a can of biscuits use to be  89 cents what happen?  I need my salad so I will be purchasing that a day before. I hope  lettuce is still not $1.99  if it is I will skip it  I need it to be 99 cents  or less.  Hoping Shoprite will still have their  package of tomato's for  99 cents with their cucumbers 3 for $2.

My desert was going to be  banana pudding but when I saw t Nilla Wafer cookies  that you need to make a banana pudding cost $3.95 a box I said forget it. By the time I get 2 boxes of cookies, 2 boxes of vanilla pudding and some banana's my dessert would cost me $10.30  alone. I will settle for 2 for $5 Breyers ice-cream and  a cheap box of little Debbie's cakes at $1.79 My Thanksgiving dinner for 2 people should cost me no more then $25-30 at most.  Thank god we can eat  on our Thanksgiving meal  it for 2 days.

I try and look for sales at my supermarket but to tell you the truth living in high a** New York  makes it challenging. I  am envious when I read about people living other places that have way cheaper food prices then I do.

Please don't say use coupons again that's a challenge because  I don't get the same coupons you might living in another state.

Oh well after everything is said the bottom line is that I am grateful to even have a meal let alone a  cheap one. So how much is it costing you this Thanksgiving?

                                           Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that $$$$

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