Sunday, August 9, 2015

I Love This Show


 I love watching the Old Let's Make A Deal and the reason is the Prices! When I watch this show I get amazed at the prices that food was back then. For example a jar of  sauce  39 cents, a pack of bacon .89 cents, candy .10 cents, can of oysters .43 cents. A pack of bacon on sale now  is  $3-4 a pack. candy is $1.69-$3 depending on what you buy.  A whole living room set and  color TV cost about $1000. back then. A  kitchen set with a garbage compactor thrown in to the mix was about $1000. Let's not talk about car prices a brand new car back then  $2000-$8000. compared to now where a brand new car would cost between $16,000-80,000. A whole kitchen set  now cost more then $1000.  Your luck if you can get a new stove and refrigerator  for that price now. Am I right? If you took 50 bucks back then and went into a grocery store. I bet you would come out with not 1 but 2 bags full of food. I love that era just for the prices that things were selling for.

While watching this show I noticed that  some prizes are no longer offered today. Like puppies. Gas cards for route 66, a free year supply laundry detergent, A gift certificates to  fast food places like Big Boys Burgers and Dairy Queens, trash compactors, mink coats. I also notice that in today's Prices Is Right show we are way less sexist then they were on the old show.
But I can still go for the prices. Give me back in that era prices any day with today’s salary of course.

 I would be rich!

Have a great Cheap Cheetah Day!

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