Sunday, April 3, 2016

I Love This Place!!

Good Morning Family. Let me introduce you to something that you probably have forgotten about. Yes it's  a place call the library and it's a cheapskate/frugal person's best kept secret because you can  do a whole lota stuff in that place for free!  Let me give you some examples of the many things that your local libraries offers to you.
 You can check out books or order books through their inter library order system
You can check out free Movies and CD and Dvd's for adults and kids are free
Various classes are offered for all ages.
 Some libraries have meeting room that you can use.
Computers usage the library offers
Free tax classes are offered and you can even get your taxes done at the library
The library offer free discount coupons for children and adult events.
I have used the library for many things like taking business and home ownership classes there.I have  used it to conduct meetings . I also have taken out several study and personal reading material from the library. Like I said it's a cheapskate/frugal person's free paradise when it comes to getting a lots of  free information. Just wanted to share that with you.
Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Week


My library also checks out free passes to local children's museums, but I've never been organized enough to get one in time for the weekend.

library a cheapskate/frugal person's best place to do a whole lota free stuff in.

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