Sunday, September 11, 2016

Frugal Failures

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Frugal fails?
Where you try to save but ends up costing more...
Every frugal purchase can be a potential pitfall.

Lots of folks spend big bucks on bicycle stuff, thinking they will drive less, and the bike and all its accessories end up gathering dust in the garage. Fail.

Lots of folks "cut the cord" to cable TV service, thinking they will save money, but then wind up spending just as much on Netflx and Hulu and Amazon Prime and so on.

Lots of folks buy bulk foods thinking it will save them money, but as studies show, much of it winds up going to waste for various reasons, so they end up spending more.

Lots of folks buy an electric car thinking it will save them on gasoline bills. But they wind up paying more.

Lots of folks buy rooftop solar panels thinking it will reduce their electric bills. But in the end they save little or no money.

Lots of folks buy insulation for their attic, thinking it will reduce their heating and cooling bills, yet it makes no significant difference.

Lots of folks pour money into home improvements thinking it will increase the value of their home and it never pays off.

Lots of folks buy home fitness equipment, thinking it will allow them to cancel their gym membership, but they never end up doing so, so they lose money.

Lots of people buy home soda makers, thinking it will allow them to buy fewer soft drinks, but it ends up gathering dust and the money is gone. Same with home coffee makers in an attempt to buy fewer Starbucks drinks. The coffee makers gather dust and convenient Starbucks location still gets plenty of business.

Lots of people buy campers, thinking it will allow them to save money on vacations. But the camper gathers rust in the driveway.

Pretty much any time somebody buys something with the plan to save money that requires discontinuing an activity, the activity continues and the gadget ends up gathering dust. Money lost. Fail. Rinse and repeat. The wheels of Materialism keep turning and the road to financial hell is paved with good intentions. A fool and his money are soon parted. There's a sucker born every minute. It's the American Way. 

Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

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