Thursday, November 3, 2016

Loving It!!!

Hello My Cheap Cheetah Family . How are you today? Just wanted to share how good this company is. Especially if your a senor like me and looking for all the discounts I can get because of my age. Did I just call myself a Senior and I am only 50 something!!! Well here's the story I wanted to use this phone service because it was so cheap and I get an AARP discount. I got my first bill today it was $53 bucks. I thought I was getting 45 days free according to the people I spoke to when I signed up for the service. Anyway I talked to someone today about my bill, they not only discounted my bill but put me into a cheaper service. Which will allow me to keep all the bells and whistles on my phone. I love this company. The best part for me is that I am saving $20 bucks because of it. My bills for two phone ( my and my partner have a phone) will be $30 bucks a month. That a $20 buck saving to me each month.  I will be putting that $20 bucks toward my twenty dollar challenge. A  Cheap Cheetah sista love getting a deal or even better getting it free!
                                              Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

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