Sunday, June 3, 2018


IN house entertainment for Cheapskate/Frugalist

Here are some suggestions

Get DVDs and CDs (and of course books) from my friendly local library to enjoy at home.

Have an assortment of hobbies (knitting, sewing, sketching), have a plot in a community garden as well as container plants at home, I go for walks, and I've been known to have a social life.

Books for free from the library. The library also has movies for free and programs to entertain children, for free.

Try over the air tv.

Board games, if your family is large enough to have participants. Card games, chess, checkers, Chinese checkers. (you actually give your kid a big boost to get ahead in life if you train the child to play chess)

Assorted hobbies, woodworking, fabric arts. General art, like drawing, watercolor, gel pen.

Gardening, especially growing food plants. Competing for prizes in some of the plant contests, biggest pumpkin, best rose, best tomato

Family walks, flower walks, bird walks.

Train the pet dog and enter competitions.

Picnics in the park.

Have a number of play lists you assembled on You tube, that you can listen to on my laptop speakers.

Watch free sports streamed live from Russia, mostly MLB baseball.

While other people are watching TV, my wife and I play Battleships on graph paper with pencil.

 Learn new  language online. It's frugal.

 Get dumbbells at home: You  can do  a full body workout if you know how.

Writing short stories. Get your inner author started

Surfing web for learning, and You tube and forums.

Buy a guitar, fiddle, banjo or bongo or whatever. Instead of watching TV watch you tube and learn how to play an instrument. 

 Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that $$

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