Friday, July 26, 2019

Smart Deal or Not!

                               Hey Family How Are You Today?

Things that look like a really frugal/cheap, smart deal...but are anything but.

I have a friend who I recently found out is "buying" a bunch of appliances and electronics from Rent-A-Center. She and her family have very little money, but apparently "need" a washer and dryer, big-screen TV and a laptop so much that they are paying, like, $1,500 for a $400 laptop (I went online and price-shopped), about two grand for a washer and dryer they could have gotten for $200 perfectly good used off of craigslist, and I don't even want to get into the big-screen TV they have.

"It's the only way we could afford's only $40 a week!

  few off the top of my head of deals we think are good but really are not

1) Leasing a car most of the time.

2) Cheap paint.

3) Convinces prepackaged foods, snackables, etc...

4) Starbucks

5) any electrical stuff NOT U.L. listed

6) For me anyways, those Kurieg coffee makers....(I drink a pot at a time......

7) Swifter mops

8) ANY rent-a-center places....folks that do business there are fools....

Here are what a few of my cheapskates/frugal people told me..

Those extortionist check cashing places that give you your money right away even if you don't have a bank account, but they charge an incredible rate to do so.

2. Similar businesses that give you an advance on your income tax refund.

I thought of some more! (And agree with just about cheap dollar store items - not all, but some.)

Tools and paint. Absolutely. I'm a painting & drywall contractor, so the idea of using Behr or Dutch Boy paint and cheap tools is inconceivable to me.

Dollar store reading glasses. The lenses fall out, the ear piece  things bend and fall off, plus they give me a headache after a while because the lens quality can be really poor.

Cheap dog or cat food. You have to feed so much more because of all the empty fillers and junk, (not to mention it's like a person eating McDonalds for every meal) that it's not necessarily cheaper.

Used or retread tires. Never again, they may not even be safe....I had one blow out on me years ago shortly after purchase and what that little episode cost me would have easily paid for four good new tires.

Home exercise equipment. It won't do a darn thing for you unless you actually use it
and since so many people buy it, never use it and then sell it practically new for a tiny fraction of the original price, it seems silly to purchase it brand new.

Coupons for things that you wouldn't ordinarily buy and aren't that useful, necessary or healthful in the first place. 

Got anymore family. If so  share them with me..

Have a great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that $$$ 

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