Sunday, July 31, 2016

August Challenge

                                                       Hey Family How are you?

Here's the deal for August I feel like a challenge. It's a dollar a day challenge .This is how it works... You can either find a dollar, save a dollar or make a dollar each day for 31 days. After you have found, made or saved a $1 you take that money and you put it away. By the end of August you should have  $31 dollars stashed somewhere. You can take that $31  and put it toward  debt, a vacation, emergency fund, you decide. My goal is just to get you to start finding challenging ways to save money.  So I am starting with this dollar a day money challenge. You say saving a dollar a day is simple... You think so? I am here to prove to you that finding ways to save , make  or find a dollar each day is a challenge in itself. I have tried and failed. But I am trying again and this is coming from a person who is unemployed.

( Rules of this Challenge You can not take it from your paychecks or any other income you have coming it. You have to find new ways to get your dollar a day)  

Since August 1th lands on a Monday it's tomorrow this is a perfect challenge because it starts on a Monday. I have already started looking for my dollar for Monday. What I have done was I looked in my Sunday paper to see if there was any coupons I could use for the stuff I need to buy.  No luck there. So now I have to look for other ways to make my dollar a day. Oh even if you make $7 in one day  still counts as a dollar a day.  As long as you reach your goal of  $31 by  the end of the month that's all that matters and you  learn something.

I will keep you posted on my progress with this challenge and the ideas I have used to  find, save or make my dollar.

                                         Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

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