Friday, July 1, 2016

How To Relax On The Cheap!

                                               Hey Family How Are You Today!

                                                  How  To  Relax On The Cheap!

What are some things you find relaxing that don't stress your budget. Here's  are some suggestions. I'd love to learn about new ways to relax as well:
  1. Cycling through nice neighborhoods (really relaxing, especially in the evenings)
  2. Cleaning/working on my car. I don't drive my car much so it never really gets too dirty or too broken down. So there's no great pressure for me to work fast. I enjoy this. And I'm adding value to the car so that's a huge bonus
  3. Walking. Sometimes I'll walk instead of bike ride. Again, I like walking through nice neighborhoods where I can admire the manicured yards and well thought out architecture
  4. DIY pedicures. Really relaxing doing a foot soak while watching YouTube haha
  5. Cleaning. Cleaning anything I own and admire is relaxing to me.
  6. Cooking something healthy and tasty that doesn't leave the kitchen in too big of a mess
  7. On nice summer evenings I enjoy just sitting out in lawn chairs, having a couple drinks while cooking on the grill.
  8. Garden, farm and yard work is both relaxing and rewarding.
  9. I can hunt and fish pretty much in the back yard and enjoy that tremendously.
  10. Taking the dog for a walk and bringing her back all muddy, wet and tired.
  11. A good bonfire with family or friends. 
  12.  Getting A good Book from the Library and taking to the beach to read.
            These are just a few suggestion . Tell me how do you relax on the cheap!

                                             Have A  Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

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