Sunday, July 24, 2016

Traditional Or Progressive

                                          Good Morning Family, How Are Your Today?

Are you Progressive or Traditional with Financial Transacting.

                                                          A Progressive:
  • Gets Paid via Direct Deposit
  • Pays all bills Online (this includes Rent and Mortgage)
  • Receives all Statements/Bills in email or Online
  • 50-60$ is the MOST cash ever on your person at any one time
  • Uses ATMs and Cash Back exclusively
  • Pays For most Purchases with Plastic
  • Loves E-Ticketing (Bus, Train, Air, Sports, Movies, Concerts)
  • Uses Self Checkouts and Kiosks with No Problem

                                                     A Traditional:
  • Gets Paid by Paper Check
  • Uses a Human Teller or Check Cashing Store
  • Paper Statements come in the Mail
  • Writes Checks, Buys Stamps, Mails monthly Bills
  • Will frequently have more than 100$ in Cash on their Person
  • Pays for most purchases with Cash
  • Goes to the Counter to buy Tickets
                           Which one are you? Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

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