Sunday, January 1, 2017

Fat Rat Story

 Good Morning My Cheap Cheetah Family. Here's My Fat Rat story. When I went on my Dec cruise. I received $100 in on board credit. Then something happen to my cabin and the cruise ship gave me an extra $300 on board credit. plus they did all my dirty laundry for free. Which if you know on a ship for them to do your laundry can get expensive. So all my travel clothes that were dirty were washed and pressed free. I got $400 on board credit which I used for all the holiday shopping on the ship when they had their $10 sale. I also used my credit to take a tour of one of the islands. So when I got home the only thing that I spend for 10 days on vacation was $500 and that's was for 2 people. I say I got over like a fat rat! Thanks NCL Gem!  Have a Great  Cheap Cheetah Day and Save That Money!

1 comment:

  1. Excellent! $500.00 for 2 people for 10 days is amazing!