Monday, January 30, 2017

Still Going

                                    Hey my Cheap Cheetah Family, How are you today?

Just wanted to let you know for Feb 1th 2017 the coin investment challenge is still going....on....
Picture it  this bottle is half way full of pennies, quarters, nickles,dimes, dollars and some half dollars. You got that in your mind now. That is what I have in my big bottle like this right now. I decided that at this stage of the game why not put the money to better use. Then have it just sit around and collect dust. So I am rolling up all that I have in this big bottle and sending it  off to my checking account. So that later on I could use the money to purchase stock with. Your money can not grow unless you invest it into something-right.

So with that ,the coin investment challenge still lives on for Feb 2017 and even after that. I am still finding and saving my coins  to play the stock market game with it... Remember I told you about my Kellogg's stock purchases. Yep all done with saved coins.....  Have a great Cheap Cheetah Week and Save That Money!!!

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