Thursday, February 9, 2017

Frugal/Free Dating

                                               Good Morning My Cheap Cheetah Family!

Free or almost free date night ideas?

What would you suggest if you wanted to do a fun but frugal date night with your partner. Because we all know that certain things like concerts, movies, plays can cost way to much. And besides sometimes it's just fun to think outside of the date night box. here are a few frugal suggestions that I can give you for a fun and frugal date night. You can do..

floor picnics, candles, rose petals, romance shower and closed doors. You can do a "fancy" meal for two for real real cheap, candles can be cheap ($ store, craft store), same with fake rose petals (and you can use them again and again and again).. everything else is just your imagination. Or an old movie favorite. Walk in a park somewhere.. dress warm and star gaze.

Also you can make a pretty nice fire pit out of rocks you find around the yard or even your neighbors yards, and that's free! Or if you live in a developed area, take a drive to a woodsy area and pick up some rocks.

I try to make what I call "fun food" on weekends instead of going out. Things you might have as appetizers. Nacho's, taco's, hot wings, homemade pizza. Rent a movie, throw a blanket down on the floor and you have date night.

Read to each other?

Do you know anyone with horses?

Bath for two?

Does it half to be at night? You could do breakfast in bed.

Camp in your living room
Take a tour of a factory.

City walking tour.

High school sports. (that's our current fav. $2. for the whole family to get in)

When we lived in N.Y. we would do dessert picnics in the car (because of the cold) so we could see the stars (were from Fl., so we had never seen stars like that).


Cook something together and slow dance while doing it then eat it by candle light.

Pick somewhere you guys have always wanted to go. Then go to a book store and see who can find the most unusual info on that place. A neat tourist place in that city.

Or in theme with the bookstore:
Grab a few books from the humor section and take turns telling jokes to each other.

Play who gets the answer first:
Record for longest kiss
World's smallest island
How many books are there in the store on a certain topic (don't forget the kids section)
Weirdest book

play games, video, computer, board...

Are you allowed to have other people at date night?

A treasure hunt?


If you have any other free or frugal suggestions please share them and Have a great Cheap Cheetah Day!  Don't Forget To Save That $$$

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