Sunday, September 10, 2017

I Hate When People Lie

                                    Hello My Cheap Cheetah Family How Are You Tonight?

I hate when people lie.Here's the story I am going away in a couple of weeks and one of my stops is Vegas. I love Vegas. I got this flier in the mail that said this.
 I happen to like Tuscany Casino I play there when I get a chance. It's a small and cute hotel. Plus they have my 25 cent machine that I like to play.Well anyway I got this great deal. So I booked my room for Saturday which was $225. Yep I said $225 and Sunday thru Thursday I was paying $35 a night. Nice right. Wrong!!! I happen to be reading something and on a message board it said that this hotel charges you a resort fee of $25 a night, but they don't tell you that until you get there. Now to me that's sneaky. So my 30 a night room is really $55. No thanks. I got a better room at Ballys  Las Vegas for just their resort fee of $35 a night. ( got 4 complimentary night paying. I have to pay  $200 for Sat/Sunday night). I hate when people are sneaky about the price they charge for stuff. Beside this hotel got mixed reviews. So I will stay at Ballys and see what they are doing.
My first choice was Caesars Las Vegas but they are charging $650 for Sunday, $620 Monday and so.
But I will be using this
Hey I love to get free slot play, almost free tickets and food credit. I might not be staying at Tucany but I will be using the heck out of their offers. Hey I am a cheap cheetah what do you expect!.
                                           Have a great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that $$$

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