Sunday, September 24, 2017

Making Money Ain't Eazy

                                                    Hello Family How Are You Today?

I have to confess making a dollar a day ain't eazy.  For the people working yes you can make that extra dollar by working overtime  at your job . Or just taking it from the paycheck that you have already earned. But what about if your not working? Like me I am not working and to tell you the truth working even part- time is not an option for me right now. But I still need to make a dollar a day so that I can use it to keep my radio show going. They charge you now use to be free. So what I have done so far is this. I returned my bottles for the 5 cent deposit.  Which netted me about 65 cents. I don't really drink soda so the  5 cent return will only help me but so much.
I have done mystery shopping but the jobs are far and few between. Plus they are paying so little now it cost me more in gas then it does to do the job.

I have looked for loose coins on the street, Not much luck there.
I have tried selling stuff on line, got some decent sales but more look loos then anything.
I don't do surveys online because they give you gift cards  after you completed like 1 million surveys for them. Needless to say the surveys are 30-50 minutes each.
I have tried  collecting my coins, You know I showed you what I do with my coins,.I am using them to invest with. That's a better option for me.
I have used coupons well tried but I keep forgetting them at home. Besides the coupons I get are not for the products I use.
I  had a yardsale make some $$ on that but I gave a lot of stuff away for free. I just wanted to get rid of it.
So there you have it I have tried to make a dollar a day and it ain't easy. What would you do?
                               Have a great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that Money!

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