Saturday, March 10, 2018


                                                 Hey Family How Are you Today?

Sometimes we all need a little motivation to help us along the way. That's why I always pick up a book on cheapskate/frugal living so that I can stay motivated to keep it moving. I know some of these books are not everything that you would do when it comes to living your cheapskate/frugal lifestyle. Some of frugal living cheapskates books do go to the  extreme, but read them take what you can from them and keep it  moving.

I happen to love reading Jeff Yeager books like The Cheapskate Next door and How To Retire Cheapskate Way.  These books are  not only interesting, but they are funny and in some of the stories I can truly say " I do that to". So if you ever need a bit of motivation go to your nearest library and pick up a cheapskate/ frugal living book and get motivated!
                                                   Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day! & Save That Money!

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