Tuesday, March 27, 2018


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What Have You Returned That Says You're REALLY Frugal /Cheapskate

 I've been known to return things (for a refund) that don't perform as promised. I don't think my personal return policy has any limits. I once returned some tiles for the floor, a box of screws and a hammer that I had no need for . I had purchased this stuff to do some work on my home and when I finished and did not need these items I returned them a year later to the store. They took the stuff back and gave me a credit.  Here are some things others have returned

 The wrong kind of meatloaf I bought at the store. I feel kind of bad, but I wanted a different kind. Didn't realize they'd have to get rid of it

Bought a new DVD burner and a SATA cable (about $2-3), found out a SATA cable was already included in the DVD burner box, so I returned the SATA cable.

 I bought some disposable aluminum foil type of containers for the turkey for Thanksgiving. I didn't use all of them (I originally bought 3) so I returned 1 of them at the same time I went to the store for my usual weekly grocery run. The container was $3.99 and I had no use for it at home and it would sit there unused for a really long time and I didn't feel just tossing it in the trash was good either.

 I Also remembered that a purchased a cake waited two days and tried to eat it, it was stale so I returned it to the grocery store.

 You must realized that if you purchase something and it's not good or you can not use it and it just sits there or you are throwing it out. Then your wasting money.

                     So what have you returned that say's your Frugal or a cheapskate?  

                                   Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save That Money!

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