Thursday, April 12, 2018

Not On Board

                                            Hello My Family How Are You Today?

Today I want to talk about partners who are not onboard with your fugal/cheapskate ideas and ways. Do you have a partner like this?

 He/She  HATES "cheap" meals. If I make soup from a ham bone, he/she says it's "using leftovers of leftovers." And he/she hates and refuses to eat leftovers.

He/She hates buying anything generic. Everything has to be name brand. And they don't use coupons. They feel coupons usage are for poor people. 

He/ She hates only buys new furniture it has to be name brand from a well known store. No knock off or second hand for him/her. They feel when you buying second hand furniture your buying cheap.

He/She will buy designer clothing or what's in fashion. Always looking down their noises at thrift stores or yard sale stuff. If it's not expensive they will not wear it.

He/She only wants to eat in the fancy expensive restaurants, go on expensive vacations. If they want to go to the movies they always want to go to the Imax theaters when are the most expensive ones.

He/ She hates keeping stuff they think is to old even thought you just purchased it last year and it's still good. They believe if it's not brand new through it out.
If you do what are you doing about it?

Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save That Money!


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