Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Cheap Summer Parties

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                               Cheap Summer Parties Ideas

It's summertime and the parties are easy and cheap/Frugal.  well all like to invite friends over for a good time, Play music, eat good food and have some tasty drinks in the warm weather with out it effecting our pocketbooks to much . So here are some cheap party ideas for the summer.

1.  Throw a  party of your favorite T.V Show. For example Mad Men the theme would be 60's drinks, attire. Or Hawaii Five 0 which would be a Hawaii theme, What about Empire which would be a record label theme you get the point..  Remember the food, drinks and the creativity makes these parties fun.

2. Dollar stores, 99 cents stores. Take a $20 and  go wild making up a cool party  theme with the crazy stuff these stories have.

3. Invite the party to the beach or community pool . Bring the  refreshments and the music and party.

4 With the summer  it means out door events and movies. Take advantage of the free movie night or concert nights you have in your area. Invite your friends bring the refreshments and enjoy the event.

5 Where I live in New York they have food truck festival. that's where a lot of different food truck get together in one place and show off what they sell. This would be a great place to party. The food is already there. The drinks would be on you. Sodas and waters and you have a chance with your friends to sample some good food.   Look for events like this to share with your friends and where you can make a party out of it.

6. Find a spot that is not only pretty but unusual and have a dinner party with your friends. Pizza and sides with a nice bottle of the cheap but good stuff does the trick.

7. We all know potluck barbecue, invite  friend they bring some stuff and we have potluck barbecue.

8 Cool summer desserts party. You can see I love sweets why not plan a summer dessert party with friends. You supply the place, a dessert and the drinks, Your friends supply the other desserts and   the fun.

Summer is a time for fun, friends and good eats on the cheap. Keep your parties fun and simple. Simple food, wines and desserts. Remember it all about the company the rest of the stuff is just the icing  on the cake ( see I told you I love desserts). Have a great summer.

                                       Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save That $$

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