Sunday, August 12, 2018

To Much For Me

                                                     Hello Family, How Are you Today?

Yesterday I was reading this article the top one that say's filthy rich. The story goes like this. This women who lives in New York collects cans and other stuff as you can see in the picture. That's her car by the way she's standing in front of with the graffiti  all over it. This women makes about $25-30 dollars collecting can but.... she's worth 8 million dollars because she owns two brownstones in Harlem that her and her husband got for cheap back in the day. Needless to say she also owns a condo in a nice area that she purchased for $22,000 back in the day.

Now her brownstones are not rented out and they need work but if she were to sell them she would get about 8 million. When I read this story all I could say is wow. She claims picking up cans is a hobby that gets her out of the house and get's her walking.

I mean look at her car it's on it's last leg. If it was me my brownstones would be rented out. I could get about 2-3 thousand a month for the apts if not more. I would at least buy me a new car.  and I know one thing I would leave the can pick up to people who really need the money. Or donate what I make from it.

I am amazed how people with so much money refused to spend some of it on themselves for their betterment or enjoyment. What do you think? 

                                             Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save That $$
P.S. I love reading these kind of stories

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