Sunday, October 11, 2020

Cheapskate Paradise

                                                                          Hello Family..

I am in love  no not with a person but a place. Walmart. I love them. Why because do you see this 4 pack rolls of toilet paper for 68 cents? Also their prices are so good. It's a cheapskate paradise in there when it comes to stuff. I purchase frozen veggies packages for 35 cents. Loaf  of wheat bread the family size for 88 cents. Milk  half a gallon for $1.88.  Pasta  40 cents a box. You see the point that I am getting to. If I would do a $20 food challenge. I could buy food from Walmart that would last me the week easily. I am also a dessert freak and my small pies were 50 cents. Which to me that was cheap compared to other pastries I have seen and purchased. 

I love to get food cheap especially since everything else in my life is so expensive. Speaking of expensive. Today I am talking about Health Insurance and ways you can save on it right here.


                                          Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that $$$


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