Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Missing Middle Class

                                                 Hey Family, How Are You Today!!!

Hey Family Happy 4th Of July!!!!!! How are you today! Most importantly who has the grill and the drinks going today. Count me in I will be over as soon as I talk to you about The missing Middle Class. What's happening to us  the high price of everything, the low paychecks. The basic expenses for just living is wiping us out. Let's talk about it today on The Cheap cheetah Money Show. Share your opinions and thoughts about the missing middle class. Also visit me on Youtube tube at Cheap Cheetah the place  where you will find great money saving, making and having fun with money videos from guess who!
If you miss the show you can  listen to it later. The shows are archives and on iTunes.

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Making A Deal

                                                    Hey Family How Are You Today!

I believe in bargaining Did you ever put up a good fight bargaining to get deals? What was your best bargaining experience and what did  you learn from it?.
Bargaining is a skill and it doesn't actually come easy. You need to look for time and place to do bargaining. Personally if something is already cheap I don't bother asking for a lower price. I feel if it's already cheap and you try to haggle with that  person selling the item I feel you kinda insulting that person when you do that. Look the item is already dirt cheap how much cheap do you want it to be? But if the price is way to expensive and you feel that you can get it for a better price then haggle or bargain all the way. But remember if the person selling the item will not play then walk away from the person and their item because in the long run it's not worth it anyway. You agree or disagree?
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Monday, June 27, 2016

Just For Fun!

                                           Good Morning Family, How are you today?

Just for fun with the power ball and mega being in the million. Combined I think they are like 636 million. For fun   
                   What would you do with 5 million

1. Quit my job
2. Have my spouse quit their  job
3. Invest the $$$ and live off the earnings
4. Travel, volunteer and enjoy life to the fullest!
5 Travel more
6. Give to charity
7 Fund my kids 529 for college
8 Pay off home
9. Save some into index funds 35%
 stocks,35% international, 30% bonds/fixed
10.Buy all my luxury toys and not think nothing of it.

For me personally I would take a mini vacation to figure out how my money would be split up. I also would make sure that family and friend got a little piece and my charities as well. What would you do? 
Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Con Artist & Their Games

Hello all Family In case you missed the Cheap cheetah Money Show On Blog Talk Radio today I talked I talked about scams that will try to take you away from your money. Con Artist, Rip off people. Some of the Con or scams that I talked about was

                                       Tech Support Con- This is  when you get a call from a representative from Microsoft telling you that they detected a virus in your computer and they need to help you get rid of it. But of course it will cost you a fee to do it.- Run or simple hand up your phone it's a con

                                     Faith Bases Dating Sites- These scams  have involved con artist that play on the people who happen to be looking for friendships and even more. The con lures you in with promises and that they believe in the same things you do, They are the same religion as you and they believe like you do. And once they know your hooked on them that's when  they start asking you for  money. First they want small amounts and then the request for money gets bigger. - Investigate the person you met on any dating site to see if they are who they say they are and still if they are true  still keep you money in your pocket.

These are just two of the con games that people play I have discussed more con games  on my show 
 The show is on itunes and it's archived so you can listen to it anytime you want.

I am telling you this to be aware be because there are so many people out there who  will try and  con you out of your money it's not funny. Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Predators The New Ones

                                                Hello Family How Are You Today?

Just wanted to let you know that this Monday June 20th at 10:30 am on The Cheap Cheetah Money Show™  We will be talking about scam artist and the new tricks that they are using to take you away from your money. So join me and let's know the con before we get
 You can also listen to the show at a later time on itunes and on blogtalk radio it is archived.
                                                 Have a great Cheap Cheetah day

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cash Flow

                                                   Hello Family How Are You Today?

                    Watching The Cash Flow
I often remind people that being debt-free and putting  money into savings isn't the entire story when it comes to financial freedom. If we're not careful we can obligate ourselves to all sorts of recurring monthly payments that hurt our cash flow and give us no freedom to adjust how we're spending our money.
~ allowance for the children
~ clothing allowance for the children
~ school  lunch no, she doesn't 'brown bag it' because it isn't really an option where she attends school)
~ school tuition
~ lessons: music, dance, gymnastics, etc. In the case of music lessons, we also had to "rent" an instrument for two years.
~ monthly dues / clubs (scouts, for instance, and we belong to a club that means once a month we are going out to eat because that is how the club gets together.)
~ subscription services: Netflix, software, contribution pledges / tithe pledge, etc.
~ Expanded utilities: electricity, gas, telephone, cell phone - service and phone purchase, internet, cable, satellite, garbage, sewer, water, etc.
~ Insurance and warranties: life, house, auto, cell phone warranty, home repair warranty, pet insurance, etc
~ Recurring shipments: automatic renewal of prescriptions, vitamin or toiletries on auto-ship, etc. These programs are getting so popular now!
~ Other: mortgage, rent, storage unit rent, furniture / appliances, on-line game access, and tons more I'm sure I'm forgetting.

I noticed the last time I went to buy a software package like Microsoft office , I couldn't just buy the software. They wanted me to subscribe to a monthly service that included "free updates". The trend only continues. It seems every time I turn around we are encouraged to not buy an item out-right to to pay for it monthly. If we're not careful these recurring monthly obligations, while not debt, become worse than debt because they can easily out-strip our monthly net income.                                  
Have you noticed a slow creep of recurring expenses against your monthly cash flow? 

                                      Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Earning More

                                        Good Morning Family How Are you Today!

When you earn more, you spend more (taxes, increase, income
 In general is this really the case? I guess I could see people thinking I'm making more let me treat myself to xyz. I think my experience may be different from a lot of you here because my income hasn't increased much in the past few years so I'm not spending more. I don't own a car. Have no debt. I try to live within my means.  sometime I wonder when I make more will I be more inclined to spend more? I'm saver, sometimes to a fault.

I think I would still be frugal and always looking for coupons, deals, etc. I never like to spend more than I need to.
Part of the reason is that your time becomes more valuable to you. Thus, you are less likely to work on your own car, carve your own ham or beef, mow your own lawn, clean your own house. Also frequently you earn more by working harder. Thus you simply do not have time to do the chores and you hire people to do them for you.

Further I cannot see anyone not spending some more when they earn more, otherwise what is the purpose of earning more? earn more just to save more? Save for what? How much do you need to save? Saving is fine and dandy, but I see people who live frugally their whole lives and just save and save and save. Yes they can retire early, but usually they do not, because if they keep working, they can save even more!  Finally they die having never lived and their kids or grandkids or some unknown relative spends all the money in six weeks.

                                                         Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Squandering Money.

                                                 Hey Family How are you Doing Today?

Do you say anything when you see someone squandering their money away?
We do nothing. If you try to give instruction like that to another adult they just resent it. I agree with whoever said that you should say nothing unless they now come to you for money. Any maybe even then you shouldn't say anything. It may just make them hate you and will accomplish nothing.

If they are not asking you for money, say nothing. If they come to you for a handout or loan, then you can say what you want. However, be prepared for them to tell you that how they spend their money is not your concern. Even though you did not ask this, don't loan any money that you cannot afford to treat as a gift. Do you feel the same way? Share your thoughts with me right here... and Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Credit Card Debt

                                      Hello Cheap Cheetah Family How Are You Today?

What is the best way to get out of debt?

Manage debt wisely - don't take on too much debt. If you don't have the cash to pay for it, you really need to think about putting off the purchase, if possible.

For credit cards, people need to get out of the minimum payment mindset. Pay it off in entirety each month. That is a great habit to get into and with a rewards credit card you can actually make money. I got $600 in rewards last year just for using my credit card.

Pay off your highest interest loans first. Relentlessly cut spending.

When the high interest loans are paid, take care of the lower interest loans.

Continue to cut costs & save .Rethink your position on money and spending. What can you do to ensure a bright future?
Create a savings account and focus on prosperity

Got any other ways to get out of credit card dept. Share them right here, love to hear your suggestions.

Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day!