Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Losing Weight

                             Hello My Cheap Cheetah Family How are you this Evening?

Losing weight my, I am doing Weight Watchers on the Cheap. I purchased the information, the books and everything I need to get started  doing the weight watchers program for only $10. Got the whole weight watchers packages books, and all off eBay. Sometimes on that sight if you look hard enough and know what you want to spend you might get lucky and get it. But getting back to my story  So I will doing the program on Friday. This was cheaper then me going to the weekly $12 meeting. It would have cost me $48 a month compared to the $10 I spent. I also use Spark People to track my weight and do challenges. This is how a Cheap Cheetah loses weight on the cheap.
                                                    Have a great Cheap Cheetah Day!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Think about It !

      Good Morning My Cheap Cheetah Family. How are you today?
                            Think About It!
"Each day, most of us head off to work for for one simple reason: We need the money. Sure, we might like our co-workers and might even tolerate our work, but we're there because of the money. Yet money isn't everything: It's simply a tool we use to get the most out of life. That's something we need to keep in mind so that we don't get so caught up in making money that we miss the bigger picture.

With that in mind, here are seven excellent money quotes that will hopefully make you think differently about money.

1. "Don't let making a living prevent you from making a life." -- John Wooden
While we go to work each day with the purpose of making money so that we can make a living, we can't let that get in the way of making a life. We can't let our jobs take away all our time from our families. We need to take a vacation or leave early so that we can spend time with those who are closest to us.

2. "Never spend your money before you have it." -- Thomas Jefferson
One of the reasons our work gets in the way of life is that we simply spend too much money on things that don't matter. That's why it's a good idea not to overspend, or, as Jefferson reminds us, to not spend our money before we've even earned it. If we're spending more than we earn, we'll end up in debt, which leaves us with a big future hole that we'll have to dig out of by working more or working longer.

3. "Every time you borrow money, you're robbing your future self." -- Nathan W. Morris
Jefferson's theme plays into this next quote, which reminds us that using debt steals away our future earnings, requiring us to give up more of our time. While not all debt is bad, all too often we're just as quick to overdo it on the good debt, such as when we buy a house that's much bigger than our needs and stretches our budget to the limit. These purchases will force us to work longer and harder and can prevent us from enjoying life.

4. "Too many people spend money they haven't earned ... to buy things they don't want ... to impress people that they don't like." –Will Rogers
Not only do we tend to overspend on items we think we need, but we're also not immune to spending on things that we don't really want, just to impress others. Clothes are a great example, and while we might want a new pair of shoes or new dress clothes, the only reason we may want them is to impress people we don't even know.

5. "A good reputation is more valuable than money." -- Publilius Syrus
Sadly, we often do things in the pursuit of money, which is needed to meet our overspending or debt, that aren't always honorable. In so doing we wreck our reputation by lying, cheating, stealing, or being overly aggressive. Reputation is of far more value than money, because it's the only thing that persists after our time on earth is over.

6. "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." -- Benjamin Franklin
Instead of wasting money on things we don't need, which causes us to miss out on life, we should invest to gain knowledge. One of the benefits of gaining knowledge is that it puts us in a stronger position to get a better job, which will increase our financial flexibility.

7. "Do what you love, and the money will follow." -- Marsha Sinetar
Far too many of us are in a career we hate because we need the money to pay for all the stuff we've accumulated. A much better life awaits us if we can avoid overspending, as it will enable us to pursue a career we really love. It's a passion that might not pay well at first, but in time our passion will pay dividends and the money will follow. It might not make us rich financially, but we'll live a rich life.

All too often, we pursue making money because we need it, just so that we can have things now that don't make our lives any better. However, as these famous quotes on money remind us, there is a better way to live. It all starts with avoiding a lot of debt, because that not only steals from our future, but it also robs us of the richness of life." 
                  Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save That Money!!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Cheap Cheetah Show Alive & Kicking!!!

Good Morning My Cheap Cheetah Family. How are you today? Just wanted you to know that even thought I am not producing any new shows at the moment The Cheap Cheetah Money Show  is still  around for your Money Saving Pleasure. There are show I am sure you missed or that you want to re-listen to. I covered so many money topics and I had some great guest  in the 8 years that I was talking to you. I am just here to tell you that you can still listen and give me comments if you like. You know I always want to hear from family right?   You can also listen on I tunes
Just wanted to let you know this and wanted to tell you to Have a great Cheap Cheetah day and Save That Money!!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

What Are You Cheap/Frugal???

                                     Hello My Cheap Cheetah Family How are you today?

Why Are You a Frugal/Cheapskate
--I like the sense of peace and security that comes from having savings and investments.

--I don't like cleaning and organizing a lot of stuff.

--Lower consumption is generally better for the environment.

--I like not following "the standard path" and I enjoy "beating the system".

--I like the feeling of having options in life such as:

Being able to change jobs/careers and/or go without paid employment for years without completely depleting savings or running up debt.

Being able to semi-retire in a lower cost of living area.

Being able to quit my job and help my aging parents, if necessary.

Being able to say "FU" to my job/career if it gets ugly.

Being able to pay cash for a good used car.

The biggest motivators for me come down to having flexibility and freedom in life.

Be happy and Proud to live a life of Cheapness Or Being Frugal. Say it loud and Proud I am Cheap And I Am Happy!

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Joneses

                                           Hey Cheap Cheetah Family Happy Spring!!!

                 "Keeping up with the Joneses"

Whether you like the expression or not, a great many people do get themselves into deep financial difficulty by trying to have what others around them have, regardless of whether or not they can afford it, which is what the expression means.

You visit your friend and drool over his 60" TV only to come home to your 25" TV and decide you need to upgrade.

Your brother picks you up in his shiny new Lexus and suddenly your somewhat worn Chevy just isn't good enough any more.

Several of your neighbors have done landscaping projects in recent months and you feel like your house doesn't measure up and you need to bring it up to par with the others.

Your work buddies invite you out to dinner at a restaurant that's really out of your price range but you're too embarrassed to say no so off you go to drop a bundle on a meal that you don't really even care about.

There are dozens of things, small and large, that get people into trouble by trying to "keep up" with others.

Are you trying to keep up with the Joneses whoever they are? Well stop and start trying to keep up with the Homer Simpsons the family with the fun,  but simple life!
                                              Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day! 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Happy Spring

                                                Happy Spring My Cheap Cheetah Family!

                                          Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that $$