Thursday, June 27, 2019

Cheap 4th

                                                              Hello Family...

Today I am talking about ways to be frugal/cheap this 4th of July. If you have any suggestions please share them right here with me. Remember it's all about Saving. Making and having Fun with money...

                                         Have a Great  Cheap Cheetah Day & Save That Money!!!



Tuesday, June 25, 2019

It Pays!!!

                                                     Hello Family How Are You Today?

For those who live in states that make you pay a 5 cent deposit on your soda, water and juices. It pays to keep these bottles and cans when you finish and return them to get your 5 cents back. I know your saying that it's not worth it. I say Yes it Is!! the reason being you paid the 5 cents  now go get your money back. If you save the bottles and let them accumulate over a period of time that money will add up. As you can see I got $1.40 for my bottle and can returns. You take this money and put it  with the other money you  have for.....

Hey money is money. We are cheapskates/frugal people and we must realized that sometimes it takes works and effort to get where we need to go in life and in our money situations.

                                  Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that Money!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Happy Weekend

                                                    Hello family how are you today?

     Just wanted to share a funny with you  today. Wishing you a fun and happy weekend.
     Also think about it don't we say the same thing when it comes to spending money?

                                 Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that $$$

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Greedy Factor

Hello Family..

Today on The Cheap Cheetah Money Show I am talking Money In The News The Greedy Factor.
Join me and Let's Talk Saving, Making an Having Fun with Money!

                                            Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that $$


Saturday, June 15, 2019


Hello Family How Are You Today?

Summertime is almost here and it looks like the job market is taking a upswing. The reason I say that is because everywhere I look I see these signs " Were Are Hiring". So there is no excuse for you not to get a part time job  if you need one. Heck I am thinking of getting one. Some of the places I seen with this sign is Home Depot, Lowes, Dunkin Donuts, Mc Donald's, Target, Queens County bank, Chase bank( they are always looking for people), Walmart just to name a few places.

Just look in your local newspaper or online in your area and you will see the jobs. This is a great time for Junior to get a summer job if they are of age.
With an extra job you can use the money to pay down the bills, start an emergency fund, pay for medical expenses,  school expenses, school clothes, repairs that you might need. or even save the money for a nice vacation. There are so many things you can do with extra money.

Just a thought hey we all need some extra now and then and while the opportunity is here why not take advantage of it.

Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that $$$  

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


                                                   Hello Family How Are You Today?

Today I am talking  the things you can do with your saved coins. I am also sharing with you what happened at my yard sale this past weekend. Crazy  stuff. So join me and  on 
The Cheap Cheetah Money Show and let's talk Coins. 


                                         Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that $$$

Monday, June 10, 2019

Rules For Big $$

                                                Hello Family How Are You Today?

Your struggling with the question when is it alright to spend big money on something? Here is a simple rule of thumb to go by.
1 - Go very cheap (in price and quality) or go for high quality even if it requires paying for it

2 - Maintain a mix of cheap things and more expensive, higher quality things.

3 - When paying more for something of higher quality, STILL seek out the best deal

4 - Always analyze if a "cheap" item is worth the savings or if it's not worth it; also analyze the expensive, high quality things to see if you'll get your money's worth out of them.

If you have you own personal set of rules for spending big  money would love to hear them.

                    Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that $$

Friday, June 7, 2019

Happy Friday

 Happy Friday Family..

Just want to say have a great weekend enjoy life, loves and don't spend to much money dong it!

Have a great Cheap Cheetah Week & Save that Money!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Summertime Cheap

Hello Family How Are You Today?

Today we are talking Summertime Fun on the cheap right here on
 The Cheap Cheetah Money Show

Join me and Let's Talk Money!!!