Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Family

Just a reminder that tomorrow ( Nov1th) Halloween candy goes on sale at 50% off. If you like candy like I do . But really don't need it but buy it anyway like me. At least buy it on sale. My grocery story was selling a big bag of candy for $2.00 yesterday and people were buying it like crazy. They did have some good bags of chocolate in the bunch.  Here's a quick Money Saving tip. When it comes to Halloween. For costumes be creative and use what you have in the house design your own. Stop by your 99 cent store and just purchase a witches hat or some cat ears and get creative with that. Your local 99 cents store has some great Halloween stuff and it's cheap.

Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that Money

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Pets & Halloween

Hello Family today we are talking Pets & Halloween right here on The Cheap Cheetah Money Show. 

So join me and let's talk. Also if you have a money topic that you want to talk about  contact me and let's talk.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

More Scarier

                                               Hello Family How Are You Today?

With Halloween around the corner I know it's a time to get our scare on but..... To me there is something more scarier then these guys. Granted these guy can bring you fright and you might even pee in your pants a little. This to me is more then scary it's frightening and here it is. Not having enough money!!!

 We all think that we have enough money for retirement but do we really? No you don't need 5 million or 1.6 billion dollars to retire with. You need enough money so that you can finance the lifestyle that you want in retirement. Whatever that might be and you have enough money so you don't have to worry about how to pay the bills when they come in.

 Scary is not having enough insurance to cover the hospital bills that's over $25,000  because you or someone in your family had surgery. I had a hospital bill that would have cost me $37,000 had I not had insurance to cover it. Like I had that kind of money laying around to send to the hospital. Yea right. Make sure you have enough health insurance to cover any unexpected hospital expenses. Your doctors visit and drugs prescriptions.

Scary is not having enough money to pay for unplanned expenses like a broken window, plumbing problem because you know a toilet always breaks down, roof problem. You get the idea.

Scary is not being able  to enjoy some of the simple pleasure in life after you have worked so hard all these years because if you spend any money on pleasure your bills will not get paid.

Scary to me is having to take on a part-time job so that you have enough money for the basics in life. Not because you just want to and it gives you some extra play money.

Scary to me is not having dental insurance or enough money to cover a major dental problem. Teeth ain't cheap anymore . Well the upkeep of them anyway.

Scary to me is the price of food that keeps going up and up and me not having enough money to even walk into a grocery store.

Scary to me is not having a paid off home and wanting to retire...

Scary to me is Uncle Sam wanting  money for back taxes and you don't have it.

Scary to me is working for a company for 30 years and they shut the doors for good.  You lose your benefits and pension. Because you failed to plan outside of what your employer was offering.

Scary to me is not being able to help out a family or friend in need because your in the same boat

These  to me are more scary then the horror guys. OK, the horror guys can kill you but not having enough money is also killing you. So what would you rather have?

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Crazy /Stupid $$$

Hello Family today we are talking Stupid Money. Right here on The Cheap Cheetah Money Show

If you have any suggestions or stories you would like to share Regarding Making, Saving Or having Fun with money I would love to hear them.. You know where to contact me..

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Crazy Money!!!!

                                                 Hello Family How are you Today?

Hello all let's talk crazy money or is it scary money? To win a billion dollars on a 2 dollar bet . The odds are like way out there. Say if you did win and you live in New York  your favorite uncle Sam will get half, then  he takes some more . So you would be like a billionaire for say 5 minutes at most. Then after all the taxes and dust settles you would get 300 million. Which is not bad for a 2 dollar bet. Some people say the lottery and playing it is a complete waste of time and money. I do agree but when you have this kind of money shouting at you . I say why not take a chance on maybe winning a least the second or third prize. Which could be worth a couple of millions heck it could be a couple thousand dollars  that would be enough for any cheapskate/frugal person to be content with.  Winning that kind of money a billion or even 300 million brings on stress , unwanted attention and that's just from friends and family who have their hands out for some of that  billion you just won. Then let's not forget you have to always look over your shoulder for the people who want to do you harm for the money they thing or they know you have.

If you are content with your life then winning that kinda money would cause you to change your life and it might not be for the better. You would have to leave your home, change your numbers, tell  a whole lot of people no. Your friend and family might treat you differently because of the money you won.( read some of the lotto horror stories to see what I am talking about) Winning a billion or less is  a wonderful fantasy but to me I would be happy with just a couple million. That way my life would not change so much and I could live in peace without anybody knowing my  real net worth.

But we all know who's really getting rich on this and that's the lotto. They have made billions of dollars on people with a dollar and a dream. While a lot of us have spent the $2 or even more and are still dreaming because like we all know they did not win not even their $2 back.

What I am saying  is yes have some fun spend the $2 and dream, What could it hurt and if your lucky you might win your $2 back and now your dream of riches was free.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Frugal/Cheapskate SuperHero's

                                                  Hello Family, How are You Today?

 No we are not talking about the comic book superhero, we are talking about the Superhero's of the Frugal/Cheapskate kind. Listen and you will see just what I am talking about


If you have comments, suggestions or money topics you would like me to talk about  contact me and let's talk Money!!!

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Silly Or Stupid?

                                                   Hello Family How Are you Today?

Ok I am not sure if you have ever watched this program 90 Day Fiancé ( see some episodes on YouTube). The base of the story is these people from the states go overseas to find love. The crazy part is that the people who live in the states spend so much money on their overseas love interest that it get's crazy. Yes I am hooked on this show because it shows me how gullible people can be with their life and money. This is what I call a money train wreck show.

You have the people living in the United States flying all over the country to meet total strangers. Let's talk air fare which is not cheap. Hotel stay not cheap. Expenses while in a foreign country not cheap. Even before these people from the States see their overseas love interest  they send their love interest money to pay their bills, rent apartments and so on. This to me is crazy. Why because you are sending a total stranger that you think you love your hard earned money and what you get in return is a maybe? Maybe I could love you if your bank account is right. Maybe I could love you if you bring me over to the States so I can live here. Maybe I could love you if you could take care of me & my whole family living overseas. Maybe or you get the idea. This is a money train wreck that I can not stop watching.

 Some of the over seas love interest have stole, lied and introduced themselves as people they were not. Can you say the overseas love interest were opportunist. Can I mention when the people from the United States go see their love interest overseas they foot all of their expenses and some even foot the overseas family's bills. Crazy right? Some of the places these people go I would not even think of going to let alone get a mate from there. It's to dangerous. One guy went to Brazil and wore a bullet proof vest most of the time. Really??

 You should not have to pay for someone to love you . Love yourself. Keep your money in your pockets and keep it moving.  
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Monday, October 8, 2018

Happy Columbus Day

Wishing you and your family a Happy Columbus Day

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Challenge Talk

 Hello Family How Are You Today?

Today it's The Money Challenge Talk Right here at The Cheap Cheetah Money Show ( Podcast)
So listen in and tell me what Money Challenge Are You doing this month!

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Happy October

Hello Family How Are You Today?

Happy October Let the money Challenges began & let's get scared of our debt and start focusing on our savings.

    Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Week & Save that Money!!!