Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Financial Pet Peeves

Hey Family how are you? Financial pet peeve... we all have them. You know where something just gets on your last nerve. Or you hate when that happens and you get upset.  Here are some Pet Peeves
 Snack chip bags that are huge and all filled with air.
ATM fees. I can't imagine how much money banks make off them!
family members and friends who assume that since I make more money than them, I should be the one who pays when we go out, etc.
Paying fees to cancel something you no longer need.
fathers who think that buying the kids toys or giving them parties make up for child support! 
When the bag say it's 50% more and it's really 25% less.
When your at a casino and your money get's stuck in the machine and you have to wait for hours for some help.
When your car breaks down and you try and get it fixed and it cost more then you thought it would.
When you tell your children they can not have something and they get it anyway because your partner buys it for them. 
When you practice saving money and take your lunch to work for the week and you find out that  the day you are really hungry someone took your lunch now you have to spend money buying lunch.
So what's your Peeve?

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