Monday, February 15, 2016

How Do You Save Money

Good Morning Family. How are you? Here's the question of the Day. How do you save money?

For me personally I budget for everything and I save the difference. Another suggestion that you could do to save money is You should save the first 10% of what you make, but if that is hard, start smaller. It is great if you can have it taken out of your paycheck before you see it. that way you will not miss what you never had. It also helps you to budget the money you do have. But most important is that the money you put away from your paycheck do not touch it unless you really really have to.

You can also  putting all my loose change/dollars into a coffee can  or plastic piggy bank like I do and not thinking about it. When you do that you will be surprised how fast loose coins can add up to a whole lota dollars over the course of a few months. I have saved as much as $100 in loose coins.   

Think about paying yourself first  which is the most important thing you can do, because you'll figure out a way. You have to trick yourself into thinking that the money is unavailable, and that's the hardest part. Paying yourself first also gives you a strategy to increase your savings. You give yourself a raise.

Found Money If you get a tax refund, repayment of a debt, found street money, using coupons, getting money as a gift, inheritance money etc all gets saved in a account you can not touch. Which you can only use this money for an emergency, retirement or medical bills

These are some ways to save. I sure you can think of a lot more. Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Week

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