Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cheap Vacations ( Personal Note)

                                        Hello Cheap Cheetah Family How Are You Today?

This is more on a personal note for you today. I had a chance to visit Atlantic City boardwalk for a mini vacation. The casinos are there, the sun and water. The gambling is there Oh sorry I said that already.....

I was given a nice offer from Caesars hotel in Atlantic city(NJ)  for a 3 night stay for about $83. That was all that Caesars in AC Offered me. But what I got was a 3 night stay for $20 bucks, a free buffet for two it would have cost us $80 bucks if I had paid for it and free parking. Their  paid parking is now $25. I tell you all this  because it pays to complain if your spending your money and your not happy with the service that you receive. First of all my Caesars room was dark and dingy not what I am use to. The walk to the elevators from my room was about a half a mile I kid you not.  My room had frosted glass meaning no view at all. So I complained and did it very loudly and they offered me the above stuff.

We all know that if you complain you get stuff if your not happy and your paying your hard earned money complain. What can it hurt it's your money!

                                                       Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Week!

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