Saturday, May 28, 2016

Volunteering Cheap/ Frugal & Fun

                                       Hey My Cheap Cheetah Family, How Are You Today?

Volunteering is Cheap/Frugal And Fun......

And It Makes You Feel Good........

I'm wondering how many of you do volunteer work, and reap tangible benefits from it? Understanding that most of the time we volunteer to do these things it's because we want to help, and it makes us feel good.
benefits= Entry to events, free food, good connections, fun relationships, free education + mileage reimbursement of $.50 from many agencies, (I drive a $35 car that gets 50 mpg on free fryer grease )
  • Master Gardener = good food, education, and fun (+ free entry to events)
  • SCORE = lots of good connections and education, keeping current with business and finance
  • Co-op Education = free training and great mileage benefit, fun folks (and different ones too )
  • Senior Care = free food and good stories
  • Public School reading / mentoring = filling a vital need in youth
  • ushering = pick your venue (I do Chamber / baroque / musicals / science presentations / symphony)
  • Library = free source of doing research and book work
  • Music = lots of fun and venues
  • Home school presentations = Arts, Crafts, Woodworking, quilting, science & really inquisitive and friendly kids
  • Auto Care for needy (church provides to community), = good way to keep up with newer cars (since I drive beaters) + get some use out of lifetime accumulation of tools.
  • Habitat for Humanity = sense of accomplishment and sore muscles
  • Work at Camps = free food / lodging and fun projects that you don't have to do perfect.
  • Relocating Sailboats = free 'vacation' (kind of...)
             Soap Kitchen = lots of food + and good way to get a weekly 'attitude adjustment'

                                                       Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day! 

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