Monday, June 13, 2016

Earning More

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When you earn more, you spend more (taxes, increase, income
 In general is this really the case? I guess I could see people thinking I'm making more let me treat myself to xyz. I think my experience may be different from a lot of you here because my income hasn't increased much in the past few years so I'm not spending more. I don't own a car. Have no debt. I try to live within my means.  sometime I wonder when I make more will I be more inclined to spend more? I'm saver, sometimes to a fault.

I think I would still be frugal and always looking for coupons, deals, etc. I never like to spend more than I need to.
Part of the reason is that your time becomes more valuable to you. Thus, you are less likely to work on your own car, carve your own ham or beef, mow your own lawn, clean your own house. Also frequently you earn more by working harder. Thus you simply do not have time to do the chores and you hire people to do them for you.

Further I cannot see anyone not spending some more when they earn more, otherwise what is the purpose of earning more? earn more just to save more? Save for what? How much do you need to save? Saving is fine and dandy, but I see people who live frugally their whole lives and just save and save and save. Yes they can retire early, but usually they do not, because if they keep working, they can save even more!  Finally they die having never lived and their kids or grandkids or some unknown relative spends all the money in six weeks.

                                                         Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

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