Friday, October 28, 2016

Old School Savings

                                        Hello My Cheap Cheetah Family. How Are You Today?

Call me old school because I still believe in order to save money for anything like holidays expenses you need to set money aside for it in a Holiday Club. Do you still use a holiday or vacation club from your bank. I do, why because let's think about it for a moment. You say that your going to put money away for the holidays  next year. Because you realized this  holiday season  you spent way to much money that you didn't budget for.  I personally find myself spending more money in October and November.

So when the  New Year comes around you.  You promise yourself that you would start  saving money for that years holiday expenses. Your intentions are good  about saving but your follow thru not so much. Things come up and the money that you earmarked for the holidays gets spent on other things. Now what the holidays are here you have one of two choices. Either put the holiday on the credit cards or don't do the holidays at all. Meaning skip it until  next year when you have the money for it.  Which One is it going to be?

That's why I still use Holiday Clubs it helps me save for the holidays without the worry of spending the money before the holidays come. The best part is that I can open the club with $1 and put any extra money I get through out the year into the my Holiday club. I put it into the bank and now  the money can not be touched until the holiday season comes around. Its a safe and easy way for me to save for the unexpected expenses that always comes around the holidays. Personally I use my holiday check to go on vacation. Do you really think I want to be around all that craziness during  holiday time. Heck No!  Have a great Cheap Cheetah Day!

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