Thursday, December 8, 2016

Broke for the Holidays

                                                  Good Evening Family. How are you?
         How do you handle being broke for the holidays? Here's what some people do when they are broke during holiday time...

Ask the relatives/friends to just give gifts to the kids or just basics the adults need.

I would give out hand written gift certificates , for my aunt who had a hard time cleaning her home I would give her a gift certificate for one day of house cleaning, and I would give my mom a certificate for a picnic in the park for just the two of us. Nothing I offered cost any money but they were warmly received.

Give the gift of love. Write each family member/friend a hand-written note to tell them what you most appreciate and enjoy about them...recall past kindnesses or events you shared with them...
Everyone else knows we just don't do gifts, and after a few years my family has also gotten on board with that.

I personally stop giving gifts years ago. I give token small things to family and my friends I treat them to a lunch or dinner to places I have a coupons for and that works out fine for everybody.
                                So what do you do when your broke for the holidays?

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