Monday, December 5, 2016

Twenty Dollar Challenge Update

                                Good Morning My Cheap Cheetah Family. How Are you today?
Here's the story for the week. It really pays to pay attention to coupons. I went to Sears, Yes I know they will be out of business in 2017. There goes my job search (LOL) Well they had a 20% off coupon if you spend $50 bucks or more. You know I spent that because I am trying to get some fresh things for my trip. That coupon saved me $19.89 which is going toward my challenge.
I won I won  $20 on a scratch off ticket. So that's good. Also I am doing some serious mystery shopping this month so that should add $75 to my challenge. So far it's been a pretty good month.

I did mention that I opened a online store but so far nothing special but I am trying. I have not stop rolling my coins for the investment challenge. Last time I rolled coins it was about $45 and I still got plenty of coins to go. will keep you posted.Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Week & Save That Money!

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