Friday, December 30, 2016

Two Days Only!!!

Good Morning My Cheap Cheetah Family. I am counting today so we only have 2 days left until the New Year and also until the challenges start. I love that Jan 1th is on a Sunday. So get ready because here are the challenges that we are taking on for 2017.

Twenty Dollar Challenge- You take $20 dollars and you try that  $20 in to $500 or more by the end of the year. Which means you sell your A** Off. Great Creative and find ways to make or save money to add to your challenge. The money you make for your challenge you can put it in to a  coin bank that you having around the house or start a holiday club with it, or simple put the money in an envelope and put it away. What I did was open a holiday club since it only cost me $1 to open one and I started putting my challenge money in my holiday club. That way the money goes in but will not come out until Oct 2017.  Remember your goal is to make $500 or better out of that $20.
 Some of the things I did to make money for my challenge was return my bottles got 70 cents , used coupons, all my lotto wins and if I sell stuff in my online store it all goes toward my Challenge. I am saving for a cruise in late  2017.

Coin Investment Challenge- This is saving all your coins until you have  saved enough to put that money toward an investment. Like  purchasing stock or buying something that you really need that will make you money. I am using my coins that I save to purchase Kellogg stock.  When you invest your coins in stock, Find a cheap stock that you like  and that you can buy direct from the company that way you are bypassing the fee that you would pay a broker. I purchased Kellogg for $65 dollars to start  and the ongoing price that I can buy stock from them is $25. So when I get $25 in coins I buy more stock.

These are the challenges I have been doing and will continue to do. If you have any more challenges by all mean share them with us. Have a great Cheap Cheetah Day and Save that Money!

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