Thursday, December 8, 2016

Here's an Ideas

Hello My  Cheap Cheetah Family. How are you today? Here's a 2017  money saving idea for you.   Get an empty jar and sit it some place that you know you will notice it everyday. You can even decorate it if you like. The idea of the empty jar is this, every time you save money or make it the empty jar gets $1. So if you used a coupon in January and you saved money with that coupon the empty jar gets $1 or 50 cents you decide on what amount you want to put into the jar. But once you start you must continue to do it until the end of the year. So if I make money selling my stuff online I put $1 in my jar. If  I don't buy something that I need and make do with what I have it's another $1 for the jar.  Anything that you do that saves, or  makes you money the jar gets $1. By the end of the year I bet you have a whole lota dollars for whatever you want to do with them. So what do you think? Good idea right?
Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save That Money!

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