Sunday, July 1, 2018

Overseas Living

Hello  Family Happy July 1th

I was watching  a few videos yesterday  that talked about moving Overseas because the cost of living is cheaper. One guy moved to Twain and one moved to the  Philippines. In their video they both gave you a glance of what it would cost to live there. Like in  some Asian countries you can get a nice looking apt for about $250 dollars a month. The food ins some of these  Asian countries is pretty darn cheap . For example a good steak dinner would cost you about $9. but you can eat for less then $2 a day in some countries. The  Philippines is about the same cheap living and eating but.... The health care I am not so sure about. Yes the dentist and doctors might be cheaper but what kind of doctors and medical staff are you getting for that kind of money.
There are  some draw back to living in a foreign  country like the dollar rate and the language. The living conditions. Let's not forget the different insects that they have over there that we don't over here . I hate bugs!!!

My questions to you is with a nice social security check or a pension . Knowing that the U.S is expensive to live. Would you ever consider  moving to a cheaper place like a foreign country so that your money could go further?
Let me express that I have seen the good side of living in a foreign country but I feel the bad side of living there would outweigh the good ones.  What do you think?

Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save That Money!!!

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