Saturday, March 13, 2021

It's Only $1

                                                                      Hello Family

It's Only $1 maybe $2 at most. I am trying to do surveys that take 20-30 minutes of my time to get $1-2  toward my dollar a day challenge. Everytime I go to do the survey I don't qualify. For $1 Really?? You would think  since they are paying so little that everybody qualifies .  Here I thought  making a dollar a day would be easy. Not so much. I am wracking my brain on what to do and most of the things I can come up with I am already doing. Got any ideas?

Also what are you doing with your stimulus check of $1200 from the government? I was reading that most people are paying their back bills, rent. buying food. The basic stuff. Some that people who really don't need  the money are putting it away for emergencies. Some are donating it. I donated some of my last stimulus check to charity and this one. I will buy some winter boots with. Since the last time I purchased winter boots I got them for $25 out of payless shoes. So you know how old they are. Hopefully people will use their money wisely. I don't think we will be getting another one. If you think about it we have gotten  a pretty  penny  around $3000. from the government. Guess who will be paying that back . Yep the taxpayer you and me. 

                                         Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day & Save that $$$


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