Monday, March 7, 2016

Cheap Entertainment

Hello Family, How are you? Today it's about cheap entertainment. here are some suggestions.                         
                                                         Cheap Entertainment

Play games during winter months

Like jigsaw puzzles collect them and put them together that will be hours of fun

Foster a pet in your home. Pets are lots of fun and entertaining you see them cute pet videos.

Look for free plays, concerts at your local college

Bike ride or skate board in the park for the summer and for the winter get the sleds out.

For movies and reality TV I check out YouTube and Hulu for the free stuff

Find a cheap instrument and get some friends over and start a grow up band

Look for venues with happy hour buy a cheap drink and enjoy the entertainment they provide,

 Coupons for restaurants and movies use then when the prices are cheap.

Join a meet-up club that your interested in and enjoy meeting new people and doing different things on the cheap of course.

Public library offers free books, course, entertainment, movies all for free.

In the summer there are always free concerts, parades, festivals and outdoor events that you can attend for free.

Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

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