Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Winning The Lottery

                       Hello Family how are you . Today for fun let's talk winning the lottery

What would you do if you win the lottery?

Let's assume it's a sizable sum of $50 million, and you can remain anonymous so that not every crook in the world would bang your door down asking for money.

1. Put a half in mutual funds and have it spread out between bonds and stocks.
2. Help my parents out.
3. Give a big amount to my closest friends with the condition they never speak to anybody about where the money is from.
4. Buy the car I want - I can afford it now but try to delay the purchase.
5. Quit my current job and focus on my side business.
6. Set a budget and travel around the world for a year just for the hell of it.
7. Work on my site business and make it a success.
Volunteer, go to the gym, find something to do. Maybe open a recording studio and go back to school.
Now that you know what I would do with some of that money what would you do?
Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day!


  1. I like your to-do-list, I would certainly do the same things if I were lucky to check Powerball results USA one day and discover the huge winning. Be lucky!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I would do these things to but first I would be taking a weeks vacation to get my mind right. Have a great day!