Sunday, March 6, 2016

Making Extra $$

Hey Family, How are you . with Spring on the way and vacations and vacations are right behind that  now is the time to start thinking of ways to make a extra buck or two. Here are some of my suggestions please feel free to include your as well.
Thing to do to make an Extra Buck Or Two
Affiliate marketing.
Waiting tables.
Build up an online business
Just get a good side job.
Write articles online or write a short report and sell it on the internet
design or programming, freelancing
write e books, do fivvers
sell stuff on and off line
Multi-Leveling Marketing
 House/Office  cleaning
Become a Cook/Baker
Event Planner

These are just a few suggestions I am sure you have plenty more. The thoughts and suggestions are  good but the most important is that you take action and do it.
Have a great Cheap Cheetah Day!

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