Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Money Worries

Hello Family How are you? Money Worries we all have them. But how do you stop having them. Here's some suggestions.

How do you keep yourself from worrying about money?
  • Don't borrow any money.
  • Cut Expenses...always look to lower them.
  • Monthly Budgets
  • Communication
  • Be content.
I like to worry, it lets me save over 50% of my net income every month which in turn goes into huge loan payments and investments when my debt becomes minimal to nil. I even took a trip to Cali and am still paying down my main debt by $2k this month.

I have little worry because we have saved up a nice emergency fund and have steady cash flow from several sources including rental properties. So if one source doesn't do well a month, we are still covered by another. The key is to have a good savings and not to touch it unless true dire emergency. 
Can you relate to some of these suggestions and comments regarding ways not to worry about money?
Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

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